Our Actions

Queenslanders have been out in the community campaigning to protect public service jobs.

Tim Nicholls needs to be straight with us and reveal how many jobs he plans to cut.

Keep up-to-date with the campaign by following our community's activities below.

Fri 9 June - Together members greet colleagues before work.

Together members greeted their workmates as they arrived at work with handouts to remind them of the LNP's record on the public service. 

It reminded them of the 22,000 public sector jobs that were wiped out in 2012 under Campbell Newman and his right-hand man, Tim Nicholls.

Now Tim Nicholls wants you to vote for him to be Premier, but won't tell you how many jobs he plans to cut.

We won't let Tim Nicholls hide these plans from Queenslanders.

May 19 - Our campaign launches asking Tim Nicholls to reveal his job cut plans.

Tim Nicholls is a smart politician. He has a plan for Queensland and that involves what he plans to do with the Queensland Public Service.

In 2012, Tim Nicholls was Campbell Newman’s right-hand man. That Newman LNP government cut over 22,000 public sector jobs across Queensland. Now Tim Nicholls wants you to vote for him to be Premier, but the LNP won’t tell you how many jobs he plans to cut this time.

Our campaign launched with a poll confirming over 40% believed that these job cuts made the Queensland economy worse and almost 80% believe that the LNP should be upfront with Queenslanders before the next state elections and outline any job cuts.

Our campaign also launched with a petition to Tim Nicholls and the LNP. Click here sign the petition calling on Tim Nicholls and the LNP to reveal these cuts before the election. 

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